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Our immune system is built to communicate what's going on. 
Our mission is to listen.

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MeMed’s host response technology decodes the complex signals of our immune system into actionable insights. These can be used to transform the way infectious diseases are diagnosed and treated.

MeMed started by focusing on a "seemingly" simple problem, a patient with FEVER, which leads to some of the biggest healthcare challenges of our time.

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Fever dilemma #1:
Is an infection bacterial or viral?
To treat or not to treat with antibiotics?

Fever dilemma #2:
Is the condition severe or not?
To escalate treatment or not?

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The first clinical dilemma we help address: 
Bacterial or viral? 

Since bacterial and viral infections are clinically indistinguishable, physicians are often challenged to decide whether to treat or not with antibiotics. By providing host response information, we help physicians make more informed decisions about how and when to treat. 

Our Solution:

3 Biomarkers + Machine Learning

= MeMed BV

From a small serum sample, MeMed BV  computationally integrates the levels of three host immune response proteins (TRAIL, IP-10 and CRP) into a simple score indicating the likelihood of a bacterial or viral infection.


The first B vs. V test clinically validated to the highest standard with studies that are:

• Multinational

• Double blind

• Prospective 

Accuracy and Reliability




PPA (Positive Percent Agreement) = 
True positive / (True Positive + False Negative)

NPA (Negative Percent Agreement) = 
True Negative / (True Negative + False Positive)


*8.3% of the patients had an equivocal score result

Conventional tests are often insufficient because...


Prolonged time to results

Inaccessible infection sites


Often no pathogens

are detected 


False alarms due to colonization


Uncertainty regarding severity

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Clinical Evidence

MeMed BV's high performance has been independently confirmed in unprecedented validation which has been tested and used on >20,000 patients.

2 - 7


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MeMed Key:

The Power of the Platform

MeMed Key makes it possible to conduct highly sensitive, rapid, multiplexed protein measurements at the point of need that previously could only be done on central lab equipment.  MeMed Key is a compact immunoassay platform which can run the MeMed BV test distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections in just 15 minutes.

Compact: Height 9.84 in. | Weight 9.84 in. | Depth 13.4 in. | Weight 17 lb.

MeMed BV & MeMed Key: CE Marked & FDA cleared
MeMed COVID 19 Severity: under development


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COVID-19 Severity is not cleared by the FDA for any indication. COVID-19 Severity is not currently available for sale in the US.


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