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Come visit MeMed's live booth @ ACEP Boston, MA. October 25th - 28th

MeMed is transforming patient care by listening to the immune system and turning host response signals into clinical action.


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Come hear MeMed's Co-founder & CEO:

Dr. Eran Eden

Learning Lounge, Tuesday October 26, 12:15, Hall A

Dr. Eran Eden

Dr. Eran Eden

Dr. Eran Eden is the Co-founder and CEO of MeMed since its inception in 2009. He lead MeMed from an idea to a rapidly growing company that is pioneering the field of host-response technologies.

Is it a bacterial or viral infection? Using host-response technologies to decode the immune system and aid antibiotic stewardship

What would your practice look like if you had a 15-minute test that could differentiate between a bacterial and viral infection? MeMed BV® is the first rapid and accurate (blinded and external validation) host-response technology for distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections in under 15 minutes, and it is changing the paradigm in infectious disease patient management.

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About MeMed

At MeMed, a leader in host response technologies, we decode the body's complex signals into simple insights that improve people's lives. By leveraging our expertise in host-response profiling and machine-learning algorithms, we are creating a portfolio of tests that address tough clinical dilemmas.


Importantly, with the support of public and private partnerships, we have developed a point-of-need, rapid measurement platform called MeMed Key® to ensure timely availability of these novel tests during the clinician’s decision-making workflow.

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Richard E. Rothman, MD

Johns Hopkins University


Tuesday Oct 26, 3:00-4:00

Plenary Session II: New and Noteworthy BCEC 157

120: A rapid host -protein signature based on TRAIL, IP-10 and CRP permits accurate differentiation of bacterial and viral infection in febrile patients presenting to Emergency Department: Apollo sub-study