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MeMed is transforming patient care by listening to the immune system and turning host response signals into clinical action.

MeMed BV

We developed a pioneering test to help physicians with the seemingly simple clinical dilemma - is it a bacterial or viral infection? 

By providing host response information, we help physicians make more informed decisions about how and when to treat. From a small serum sample, MeMed BV computationally integrates the level of three host immune proteins into a simple score indicating the likelihood of a bacterial immune response or co-infection versus a likely virtual immune response.


Conventional tests are often insufficient because...


Inaccessible infection sites


Often no pathogens are detected


​False alarms due to colonization


Prolonged time to results

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Uncertainty regarding severity

Clinical Evidence

MeMed BV’s high performance has been validated, tested and used on more than 20,000 patients.

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MeMed Key

A cutting-edge technology, compact, multi-purpose platform quantitative diagnostic immunoassays that open the way to central lab performance at the point of need, using chemiluminescence detection technology.
MeMed Key runs the MeMed BV™ test within 15 minutes.

*MeMed BV® test and the MeMed Key® platform, have both been granted 510(k) clearance by the U.S. @FDA


About MeMed

At MeMed, a leader in host response technologies, we decode the body's complex signals into simple insights that improve people's lives. By leveraging our expertise in host-response profiling and machine-learning algorithms, we are creating a portfolio of tests that address tough clinical dilemmas.

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